Ubernizing sales and marketing on demand

Are you ‘Ubernizing’ your business? 3 Steps to be more On-Demand.

The global economy is emerging towards asharing economy in which the ability of delivering your product or service on-demand will be the new normal.

One-thing that all market parties will have in common is is that the winners of the new economy are flexible and customer focused. This new awareness of customer intimacy will create business models that outperform current initiatives in global markets. To make sure that you are on the right path, in-depth knowledge of the drivers of your market are necessary. From our perspective within the services market, we can define the following emering trends that will define our market the upcoming 5 to 10 years:

  1. Uberfication of sectors (Technology that is applicable in multiple sectors or product offerings)
  2. Customer Intimacy (knowing who your customer and partner network wants and delivering more)
  3. Globalization of availability of your solution (anywhere and any time there is a request)

These trends wil make it possible and necessary to define a proposition that is easy to understand, deploy and capitalize, for both customer, partners en we as sales & marketing services company.

  1. Uberfication of sectors

Looking at the essence of the business model of UBER is that they are able to bridge the gap between demand of personalmarket price transport and the (over) availability ofvehicles and drivers capable of delivering on that promise. At the core of this capability is a deadly accurate technologicalcapability that matches in realtime demand andavailability on personal level, killing theawkward negotiationnormally needed when using a commodity product (taxi ride) creating a blue ocean where customers arewilling to share there creditcard and personal details, in exchange fora personalized ride experience,(knowing by who and exactly when you will bepickedup, while not worrying about having enough pocket cash at hand) instead of stopping a random taxi and driver on the street.

Uber combines 3 strategies in one:

  1. Customer Intimacy (Location based/On-Demand + Personal Customed + Market priced )
  2. Focus onglobalavailability (From RIO to Beijing)
  3. ProprietaryTechnology that is applicable in multiple sectors (from Package to People delivery)


1.Customer intimacy (The ability to exceed expectationscontinuously)

The times of one size fits all sales or marketing offerings are gone and that brings in new opportunities. As companies or markets that still operate confirming that bias are ready to be disrupted.

Why fill out forms when your creditcard details are already know to companies? Why let a customer return for a other day or moment, when you can add a follow up to the customer? Why call the customer customer and not John or Mohammed as you (should) know his name? Why not use technology that helps you build Johns or Mohammeds profile of there interested basedon provided information ? Why not train your staff to use and these tools to improve theirquality of work and aligned with that the customers experience?Building a through customer focused companyasks to answerthesequestions for your ownorganization.

2. Globalization of availability of your solution (anywhere and any time)

Now when your world starts that of somebody else begins.Trulycompetitive and customer oriented companies understand that their operational capabilities have to go as far as their customers canpossiblyoperate to stay relevant and source the best world wide practices to implementlocally andscale globally.

3. Prorietary Technology (Applicable in multiple sectors)

The expectation is that Uber will transform in to a an full service delivery service company, putting pressure on companies as DHL, TNT and UPS. Again not by using an own fleet but by utilizing overcapacity of logistical companies, private truck owners etc. This transition is based on there proprietary technology which in essence can utilize any (over)-capacity in any industry. Are you making business software development choices for your company ? Make sure it is not only scalable and cloud based but truly future proof, which now also means applicable in multiple industries or sectors.

The question you should ask to embed a Uber mindset towards your business model: How can we bridge the gap between demand and the actual usage of our product by our clients?

When customer intimacy is part of the solution, your on the right track of Ubernizing your business.



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